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Forgive me father for i have sinned i was fucking this girl doggy i put my finger in her butt and it felt mushy i pulled it out and there was like brownish greenish poop on my hand at this moment i didn't wanna stop cause i aint nut yet and she woulda been horrified so i just wiped my finger on the side of her white sheets 30 mins down the line i forget and start to eat her ass she says daddy deeper i put my tongue in deep had shit on my tonuge i almost threw up but i kept going :(






reasons to not eat ass



Because of the weight of the ends of the forks, and how they’re distributed behind the penny (closer to the glass), the center of gravity of the whole system is actually shifted quite significantly. If I’m right, it would actually have to be right where the penny meets the glass. This mean, in a sense, all the “weight” of the system of the forks and penny is resting right on that point, rather than out in the air, so if you balance it, it’ll be stable on the glass.



…….Close enough

The difference between Science and Engineering.

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